Mar 02 - 2020

IICSA - Press Release - Tim Hulbert - Paedophile Information Exchange

Sam Stein QC acted on behalf of Tim Hulbert who gave evidence before the Westminster Investigation by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual abuse. Today IICSA published its report into the Westminster Investigation. Mr. Stein QC welcomes the report which said of Mr. Hulbert that “we do not consider that Mr. Hulbert has done other than his honest best to assist the Inquiry”. Mr Hulbert made a serious allegation that whilst working at the Home Office he had seen evidence that the Home Office had provided and was continuing to provide funding to the Paedophile Information Exchange. Mr Hulbert’s account has been tested time and time again and the Inquiry has confirmed that he “gave his account honestly”. Mr. Stein QC and Mr. Hulbert also both thank the Inquiry for following the important recommendation they put forward that “government, political parties and other Westminster institutions must have whistleblowing polices and procedures which cover child sexual abuse and exploitation”.


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